Board of Directors & Committee Members

The Young Associates are a prominant group of Winnipeg’s Young Leaders. The Board and Committees include entrepreneurs, business professionals, and future leaders in Winnipeg’s business communitee and the Asper School of Business. 


Aaron Denysuik

Aaron Denysuik


Carly Edmundson

Carly Edmundson

Vice-Chair & Recruitment Chair

Joseph Lovelace

Joseph Lovelace

School Relations Committee Chair

Wilson Low

Programming Chair

Katharyn Burczynski

Katharyn Burczynski

Black and White Chair

Hadia Asif

Taylor Caldwell

Victoria Penner

Matthew Thomson

Josh Zaporzan

Past Chairs

2015-2018 Scott Roehl

2014-2015 John Jabs

2013-2014 Brent Bailey

2011-2013 Alan Goddard

2009-2011 Tracy Graham

2007-2009 Rennie Zegalski

2005-2007 Manny Atwal

2003-2005 Brad Peacock

2001-2003 Colin Ryan

1998-2001 John Proven

1996-1998 Leonard Asper

1993-1996 Rosanne Hill Blaisdell



Associates Liaison

Aaron Denysuik, Carly Edmundson

To maintain and enhance the communication and relationship between the Associates and the Young Associates, as well as to identify value that can be added to both organizations.


School Relations

Joseph Lovelace,

To work with the Asper School of Business to identify areas requiring financial and non-financial support and then organizing YA resources to support these areas.



Jennifer Tomlinson,

To develop and execute events aimed at improving our member’s exposure to, and understanding of, business trends within the Manitoba economy for professional development. Events include the popular Executive Board Room Series, Professional Development/Learning Series, and Mapping Manitoba. The committee also aims to develop and execute events aimed at enhancing the networking and social aspects of YA. Social events planned include the Holiday Party, BBQ Wrap- up, and our monthly TGITs.



Carly Edmundson,

To develop and execute strategies to attract new members as well as engage and retain the existing YA members. Events include New Member Nights.

To develop and execute strategies aimed at building internal/external awareness, greater understanding, and support of the YA and its mandate.


Black & White

Katharyn Burczynski,

To plan and execute the annual Black and White event.

Black and White is one of Winnipeg’s most affluent events. Bringing together an elite group of young professionals, industry leaders, and their associates, Black and White is a privileged networking event and gala all in one. Proceeds go to support the I.H. Asper School of Business.

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