Asper School of Business - Drake Centre

The University of Manitoba Business School Foundation

Established in 1990 as a charity (existing from 1982 to 1990 entirely as the “Associates”) and a corporation separate from the University of Manitoba and Asper School of Business, the University of Manitoba Business School Foundation (UMBSF) has benefited the school by creating an environment where current and future business leaders can interact while financially supporting university initiatives. Since its inception, the UMBSF has been the corporate and financial umbrella of the Associates of the Asper School of Business, the Young Associates, and the International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award Dinner.

The Foundation’s annual and broad strategic, financial, and corporate concerns are governed by the volunteer Board of Directors known as the University of Manitoba Business School Foundation Board.

The Directors of the Foundation Board represent the organization’s various stakeholders and the Board ensures there is alignment between Program Boards and Committees. The members of the Foundation, are the members of the Associates Board.


To inspire and enable excellence in business education by attracting resources and providing influence in support of the Asper School of Business.

Core Values

ENGAGED: We are passionate champions of excellence in business education who inspire the business community toward collaborative, transformative contribution.

INFLUENTIAL: Our diverse network of premier and emerging business leaders leverage their relationships to enhance the school’s profile and voice within the business community and serve to bring the voice and participation of the business community to the school and the university.

COLLABORATIVE: Our relationships, partnerships, and people are valued and respected; it is through collaborative efforts that transformational change and excellence in business education is made possible.

TRANSFORMATIVE: We use innovative methods and our entrepreneurial spirit to provide the school with the resources it needs to achieve its aspirations and compete as a world-class business school.

EXCELLENCE: We have visionary and engaged leadership focused on long-term, effective planning of stakeholder-driven, relevant, and high-quality programs. We value and respect our relationships, partnerships, and people. We optimize our resources, continuously improve, and have effective management systems in place. We are ethical and community-oriented stewards in social responsibility. We are focused on performance, creating value, and results.