Joshua Zaporzan and Dayna Spiring (Associate & the President & CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg) talk about Winnipeg and why Winnipeg is a great place to work, live and visit. Check out Josh’s podcast here!

Dayna discusses what she believes Winnipeg is doing well, what can be done better and the excitement around the emerging opportunities for the city.

Winnipeg is home to so many successful businesses and attractions both on a local and global stage, and as Winnipegers, Dayna encourages us all to support our local economy, share those success stories and continue to be champions for our own city.

In addition to Dayna’s extensive professional experience, she is a passionate Winnipegger with a drive to volunteer. As a strong leader and role model, Dayna is proud to call Winnipeg home and sheds light on how fortunate we are to work and live in this great city.