The Young Associates and The Associates create new opportunity to welcome new-to-Asper students to the business community

AUGUST 8, 2022 — At the start of each academic year, the Young Associates (YA) and The Associates have aligned with the Asper School of Business to welcome new-to-Asper students to the business community. This year, the YA has elevated the experience by creating the IGNITE Award and Gala Dinner to celebrate new-to-Asper students (students admitted in 2020, 2021 and 2022) and honour local thought leaders.

The inaugural event combines the business community’s official welcome to students and celebrates the IGNITE Award, which will be presented to Ash Modha [BA/98], President and CEO of Mondetta Clothing. Hosted by the Young Associates and presenting sponsor The Associates, IGNITE carries on the traditions of the past, while also creating a spark that will ignite the connections between today’s leaders and tomorrow’s future leaders. The event takes place on September 8, 2022, in Winnipeg at the RBC Convention Centre. New-to-Asper students (students admitted in 2020, 2021 and 2022) get a complimentary ticket when registering until August 29, 2022.

The Asper School of Business connected with Joshua Zaporzan [BComm(Hons)/17], YA Board Chair and Matthew Thomson [BComm(Hons)/18], YA Board Member and IGNITE Chair to learn more about the event and their perspectives as YA members.

ASPER: Could you tell us about the Young Associates and its mission?

Joshua Zaporzan: The Young Associates are proud leaders, innovators, changemakers and entrepreneurs that are moving the Manitoba economy forward. The YA is Manitoba’s premier network of young professionals connected to the Asper School of Business. Since 1993 the YA have linked young professionals to the business community offering developmental and networking forums.

ASPER: How did you personally get involved with the YA?

Joshua Zaporzan: I knew about the YA during my time as a student at the Asper School of Business and was encouraged to join to further develop my professional network within the business community and to give back to the school. I wanted to join the YA as I knew it presented an opportunity for me to connect with like-minded people, learn from industry leaders and those who are making a positive impact in our community.

ASPER: How has the YA impacted you?

Joshua Zaporzan: The YA has had a very positive impact on my personal and professional journey as an entrepreneur in the Manitoba business community. I have met so many amazing people and have developed strong relationships with new friends, mentors and like-minded individuals. The YA has also provided me an opportunity to further develop my professional skills such as networking and learning about various other professional development topics.

ASPER: This year YA is celebrating its inaugural IGNITE Award event, can you tell us more about it?

Matthew Thomson: IGNITE is the flagship event for the YA, born from the former B.Comm Luncheon which was, for many years hosted by the Asper School and sponsored by The Associates. This refreshed event builds on the event’s past successes while shifting the focus to welcoming students into the Manitoba business community.

ASPER: Ash Modha was selected as the inaugural IGNITE award recipient, why did you select him to be the inaugural IGNITE award recipient?

Joshua Zaporzan: The IGNITE Award recognizes those who not only forge ahead, but also look back to ensure those who come after them will find their own successful paths. Ash Modha is the perfect inaugural award recipient as he exemplifies this by giving so much of his time to the community and to the Asper School. Ash not only has made an outstanding impact in our community, but he has also had great success building his business, Mondetta Clothing.He is a great example of a local thought leader, successful entrepreneur and inspiration to so many in the business community.

Asper: How does IGNITE tie in with other YA initiatives?

Matthew Thomson: IGNITE is a perfect reflection of our three pillars in an event – connecting (YA and The Associates with new students to welcome them), learning (creating a place for reciprocal learning between YA and students) and giving back (providing a place for YA and The Associates to offer their advice and speak with new Asper students as they begin their program).

Tickets are complimentary to new-to-Asper students! Register no later than August 29, 2022.